Website Repair Design and Marketing Charleston SC

Never Stop Digital Website Repair

We repair websites that are built in the following applications: WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.

If your reading this page you may be experiencing the following:

1.) Become from frustrated with the website do it yourself website builder program like Wix.

2.) A friend designed your website:  they never have time to make any adjustments or fix your website

3. )Your website has been hacked and it has a virus

4.) You paid for SEO marketing services and you feel like you got ripped off

5.) You feel trapped with your current website provider

6.) Need to change out pictures, logos, and create new web pages about your products and services

7.) The website needs to be backup

8.) Database integration, CSS, and basic HTML coding needs to be fixed

9.) Error codes or status website codes keep showing up when someone comes to my website like 302, 404, 500, and 503.

10.) Need a reliable hosting company because the speed of your website is really slow

11.) Need a new website design

12.) Google business registration needs to completed

13.) Shopping cart

14.) Marketing your site because you have minimal traffic

15.) Call to action concepts to help convert customers

16.) Retarget your website visitors

17.) Need to advertise with PPC on Google and don’t know where to start

18.) Your site is not mobile friendly

19.) You’re going to a membership model and need a new website and design

20.) Current provider is not reliable and does not have enough expertise.

21.) Need forms built for submissions

Website Marketing

Never Stop Digital has expertise and  service plans that will help you market your website;

Search Engine Optimization

Pay Per Click advertising

Display advertising on Ad networks

Retargeting your Website Visitors

Facebook Advertising

Newsletter and Blog Marketing

Once we understand your business model we can find the niche keywords and terms that can put your SEO strategy in front of your competition. Organic search marketing is the best bang for the buck. When you get an organic visitor from search the stay on your site longer and view more pages. It’s a fact!

We do website marketing for a host of different industries. Here are just a few:

Medical Practices, Integrative Functional Medicine
Automotive repair and service
Automotive Sales
Home Builders
Interior Design
Cabinet companies
Porta Potty Companies
Bait and tackle shops
Electrical contractors
Rental Property Companies
Carpet Cleaning Companies

If your website needs a re-design, repair, or marketing Get Your Site Rite is here to service your needs. Fixing a website can be complicated and choosing the wrong company or person can be detrimental to your business.

We have qualified technicians to fix or repair any website as long as we can access it. We have website developers at all levels of the spectrum.

Be assured that we want to get your site rite and make you another happy customer of ours.