Website Design Marketing Strategy in Orlando Fl

You know about all of the digital marketing buzz going on today.  You hear Facebook, social media, websites, PPC, etc, etc all of the time.  Let’s start with the basics first: your website design service in Orlando Fl.  Our professional strategists at Never Stop Digital will get your website looking sharp, so that your other digital marketing effort will have something to link back to.  Call us now for more information, or read on to get some helpful marketing tips.

Why Is My Website So Important Today?

We know.  Back in the day, websites weren’t even a thing.  Well, the times are a-changin’ as they say.  Customers today really rely on business websites to find the information they seek.  With the static of new business after new business, a decent Orlando website design strategy is a great way to stand out from your competition, and get the customers to seek your information, which will turn into them purchasing your product or service.  Here are some stats to back us up on that claim:

  • 65 percent of smartphone users say that despite the company, they click on the most relevant information when conducting online research.  Relevant means interesting and detailed descriptions of your service and product, as well as mobile friendliness of your website.  Your site should be made for mobile access with so many people searching for you on the phone.
  • 72 percent of customers who performed a local business search visited a store within 5 miles.  That means, these people are in a consumer mentality, and they’ve turned to Google to help them decide where they will act on that mentality.  Don’t miss out on these types of consumers because your website design strategy in Orlando Fl was lacking.
  • 81 percent of shoppers conduct online research before shopping.  Another reason to have a detailed website.


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Our office in Orlando, fl, is looking forward to hearing from you.  Please give us a call or send us an email to for more information on how to schedule a free consultation with one of our expert marketing strategists to get our Orlando website design service started for you now.