Web Development Services For Small Business Charleston SC

Professional Website Development

Web development services that Never Stop Digital focuses on are the technical aspect of building websites. We offer web site development services providing web site packages to deliver full websites, however, outsource freelance programming is where an abundance of our work is procured. Back end programming and coding experience in PHP and Mysql database applications websites. We focus on custom  WordPress development, building custom themes, and custom coding into WordPress.org code. Most of my website clients are small to medium size business. We build or fix a multitude of websites and don’t see a need for teams of developers to build out a project, We can build small business online websites and also have experience in building out many custom complex applications with high traffic, high revenue e-commerce websites.

Many of our small business clients have high traffic volume websites that we have built from scratch. Just because your small doesn’t mean you don’t require the same technical applications of a larger client. With volume comes scalability.

Outsourcing Web Development

Don’t have the staffing to support your technical needs in web development. We have several outsource partners that consulting and provide all the technical programmer and web development necessary to your website application. We have ongoing maintenance plans to fit your budget or if you need us just once in a while for a fix or a plug-in upgrade for instances we have a fixed rate for those types of services

I create static or complex websites for small business startups, redesigns for existing small business websites, that include database web applications tables, and scale up to thousands of pages in volume. Please reach out so we can discuss your website project.

Website Development

I can develop websites with PHP programming source code to build out custom websites forms start to finish without a template theme. This will also give you scalable functionality with logical coding that can be easily followed by any PHP developer.

WordPress Development

Custom WordPress Websites 

I have worked on several hundred WordPress websites with customization of current template themes. We can create a custom WordPress site with a blank template or you can pick a template of your choice. We can customize all aspects of the WordPress website development. We can support WordPress through a maintenance agreement as well as one time hacked website fixes.

Other Website Services

Website Repair

“ My Website Needs Fixed!”
Website code will always need fixed as new software upgrades and plugging are added to upgrade your website. Code development is an ongoing process and usually is the first symptom of website repair.

SEO Services

SEO Web Development

Web development code is written in an SEO friendly format. I also provide content writing SEO services for my clients if they need help ranking with the search engines Organically. People searching for products and services that your website offers need to be found through Google and other search engines.

Web Hosting

Small Business Hosting

We know every small business needs secure hosting services. Never Stop Digital offers website hosting packages with free SSL certificates and hosting support. If you move your hosting to us you will not have to call hosting support. Never Stop Digital will handle the hosting application for your website.

Why Choose Never Stop Digital?


Our professional website development team and consulting freelance network have a combined 60 years of experience in freelance web development.

Track record

Our small business website development clients have been rewarded in high traffic and revenue gains because of our website development and SEO content that outranks there competition.

Industry Networking

We have great relationships with wholesale hosting companies, the website designer community, that includes computer programming professionals that have scalability in every coding or database application for web site development.