Social Media Marketing

Social currency= actual currency

Increase Brand Awareness


Social networks are used by more than two-thirds of the country.  That is a considerable audience.  Only when consumers are aware of your business can they convert.

Here are some numbers: 

75% of online Americans said that finding product/service information on social media influences their shopping behavior and enhances brand loyalty.  

78% of small businesses say they have attracted new customers via social media channels.

33% of consumers say they initally discover new products, brands and/or services through social media platforms.


Those numbers point to more than brand awareness; they go through the entire marketing funnel, from awareness to loyalty to conversion.


Establish more consumer trust

Brand research is a must today.  With so many options from which plumber to use to where to get your hair done, the popular way to ciphen through the choices is to turn to social media.  Consumers often look for which businesses their friends use, how many/the quality of posts a business has on its page and the ratings of the business on social media.  In fact, 63% of consumers report searching for local businesses on social media to help with decision-making.  Those businesses with more information on social platforms come out the winners.

Better customer relationships

Social media gives your customers an avenue to communicate with you.  When you perform great customer service on social media, your customers think of you and your business as a real person.  Not only does it make you seem real, it also enhances the responseiveness of your brand, which is increasingly important to consumers.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to converse online with your consumer, because your competitor isn’t neglecting this opportunity.

Distribute your content

Content is important for a variety of reasons.  Content is also hard to come by.  It takes time and planning to create conversation-worthy content that promotes your business.  When you finally have that content, you’ll want to share it on as many platforms as you can.  This is where social media really comes in handy.  A post can go viral with the right strategy.

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