How to get people back to your website

Bring our people back…

Did you know that 98% of your website visitors will leave your website without converting?  A great way to bring those visitors back to finish what they started is by retargeting/remarketing to them.  Retargeting is a type of PPC (pay per click) advertising, except it targets a specific client.  These specific clients are “warmer leads,” because they have either been to your website or searched similar keywords on Google, Bing or Yahoo. The two primary benefits of this type of online marketing are that it maximizes Return on Investment (ROI) and it keeps your brand/business in front of prospects. Below are a few different types of retargeting that advertisers perform. 

Website Retargeting

This type of Retargeting is the most common among advertisers.  Website Retargeting brings former visitors back by reminding them with an ad on a different site they visit later.  These visitors can be segmented by what page they visit on your site, if they added something to a shopping cart without buying, the types of services they viewed, etc.  Once they’ve been segmented, they’ll see your ads on Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc.  

Email Retargeting

While not the most effective form of Retargeting, there is something to be said with a well-designed Email Retargeting strategy.  This type targets those potential consumers who have opened your marketing emails.  The analytics for strictly email openers are sketchy, because sometimes third parties block tracking capabilities, but if Retargeting by email is coupled with landing page analytics, we have a lot of marketing potential.

Search Retargeting

Anyone who knows the power of Google, Bing and Yahoo knows why this type of Retargeting is effective.  Search Retargeting gets in front of users who used similar search terms on a third-party site.  These users have not necessarily visited your website.