Whether your PPC campaign is already running or you need to create one, the experts at Never Stop Digital can assist you.  We have a 100 percent successful track record in “optimizing” your Google PPC campaign.  Typically, our clients see 20-30 percent more clicks for the same budget, OR clients can save 20-30 percent in cost and get the same number of clicks to their site

We are strong proponents of organic placement, but depending on several factors like education level or gender of your client base, PPC can be a successful endeavor.  College graduates and those with Masters degrees are less likely to click on the ads; women are even less likely to click on the ads.  If you look at the averages, 20 percent of Google visitors will click one of the “Ads”  at the top of the page IF all 4 exist and 3 ads exist at the bottom.  In February of 2016, Google eliminated the ads on the right margin due them rarely being clicked.

It’s been said that as many as 80 perecent of Google PPC campaigns don’t see a return on investment for the company running the ads.  This is due to someone not knowing how to properly setup the campaign.  A campaign that has been properly setup will provide a return on investment.  With that said, our track record shows we consistently deliver organic visitors at a fraction of the cost of a “paid” visitor.

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