Landing Page Design and Optimization

Increase your conversion rates and much more

What is a “landing page?”

A “landing page” is literally the page that an internet surfer lands on when a link that leads to it is clicked somewhere on the web.  There are many different benefits to having a developed landing page strategy, which you will find listed below.

Increase your conversion rates with a landing page

A landing page takes your Call to Action (CTA) to a different level.  It simply states what you want the consumer to do on your page, and it displays the CTA in the easiest way.  As a result of this user-friendly design strategy, you’ll see an increase of your CTA/conversions. 

Even more analytics to use

Data play an important role in your marketing efforts.  The analytics tell you where your traffic is happening, what kind of traffic is happening, etc.  Landing pages give you more of that. These insights give you the ability to really know your target audience, which helps you speak to them. 

Maximizes PPC/Retargeting efforts

When you put a paid ad campaign out there, you want your conversion to be as seamless as possible.  This is where a clear and concise landing page really helps.  A user-friendly landing page pushes consumers through the funnel. 

Expands your Email Marketing campaigns

An effective goal for a landing page is to grow your email lists.  The more people who sign up for your emails, the more consumers you have to directly send your marketing message.  

Search Engine visibility increases

An optimized landing page gives you an additional page for Google, Bing and Yahoo to find, which gives your potential users more ways to find you online.  This is an effective way to get multiple listings on the first page of the major serach engines.