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Never Stop Digital Repair & Marketing Services

We pride ourselves on repairing your website Fast. Our local professionals with years of experience will get people seeing your website in the correct format.  We also offer protection plans that will enable you to have peace of mind knowing that we will monitor an maintain your website. Our goal is to eliminate downtime before it happens.  Emergency recovery operations are considered one of our highest priorities with our clients.

Customer Satisfaction First

  • Our team of professionals will fix your website with the quickest and most effective solution.  We understand that revenue is critical to your business and downtime can have a negative impact on your bottom line.
  • Communication with our team is another way we want to make sure we are attentive to your needs and give you the ability to email, chat, or call us on the phone. Our developers will work with you personally to answer your questions and resolve any outstanding issues with your website
  • We will keep your website and your personal information secure

Website Problems We Solve

Programming Errors

Websites need a solid foundation just like a house. The only difference is a website is built with code. If the code is not done right than the website will crumble. The most common errors we fix are internal server errors, syntax errors, broken forms, PHP errors, javascript errors, and broken CSS.  Our programming team has 15 years of experience and complete complex tasks.

Data Loss and Failed Upgrades

Data loss can be a nightmare for business and swift recovery techniques are essential to prevent loss and downtime.  We will make sure backups are completed every 24 hours so we can assist with missing or corrupt files.  Once we have implemented all the backup measures we will set restore points and encrypt any sensitive data.

Configuration Errors

Configuration errors are one of the most common website issues business face. These errors can create: database connection errors, 403 forbidden errors, improper permissions, WordPress screen issues, broken processing of payments and many more. We have a diagnostic system that will identify these issues and give our team the right information so they can fix them quickly.

Slow Loading Pages

We will score the performance of your site. If we find that the performance is somewhat degraded we will address the speed issues while fixing and out of memory or request time out issues. The mobile site application will be checked out as well to make sure there are no major performance issues such as broken images.  All errors and speed issues can increase bounce rates and hurt sales. Once our testing is complete the fix, may end up be moving to another hosting platform.

Security Problems

Improper handling of security can often lead to hacked websites, compromised company or customer information, viruses, and malware. Our specialized security team can not only assist with rapid recovery from a security failure disaster but can also perform security audits to find additional holes such as SQL injection vulnerabilities or cross-site scripting attacks. For continued peace of mind, we also offer security protection plans.